Sonntag, März 26, 2006

die arme Waise - Teil 3

From: a.....
Date: Mar 23, 2006 9:36 AM

yes i do,i have a rerurn ticket back to germany but it will expire in a week time,i have to pay off my bill immediately so i can get out of here before my return ticket expire,the name of the hotel is prestige hotel and suites at ..24 broad street ikeja lagos state nigeria,please help me with the bill so i can get out of here as soon as possible.

Darauf habe ich dann geantwortet :
Hi, about the Money did you have a german Passport or only a US ? If you have a german you can go to the consulat of germany near by you or to the diplomacy they give you the Money you need. I think the US Diplomancy use the same System if People from the US gets in Trouble in foreign Conutry.

From: a.....
Date: Mar 23, 2006 9:36 AM
i have done that,they only promise to get me back home but they can't help me with the money to pay of my hotel bill.

und meine antwort :
Sorry I DONT Belive you . I ask Friends from the US and they tell me that the US goverment paid a hotel too if someone lost all the money. The Same is in a German. So i think you only want to get the money and not for a hotel bill. The second point i write a blogg and i Get these public so all the People who has Connection on the Internet can read these.



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